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Submitted on
December 8, 2013


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                              I was once so devote
                  To one whom the angels have hand-wrought
               A worship that was prevented, by a robot goat

                  I struggled to unchain my throat
            Which was bound for I did not believe myself a big-shot
                      I was once so devote

                  Soon I was ready to cross the moat
                   And leaped over, as if moon-shot
              A feat that was prevented, by a robot goat

                   Once again I prepared my emote
              This time I was stopped by no robot
                   I was once so devote

                   Soon I found my dreamboat
                   As she prepared her gunshot
            One that was no longer prevented, by a robot goat

              And now I wish to drown in that moat
                 For it was all for naught
                  She was not so devote
          If only I listened, to that robot goat!
     An old villanelle I wrote about the first girl I actually asked out. Since then I have gotten over her and started looker at other girls that I actually know and like, so please no sympathy comments. But that's not why you're reading this you,re more curious about the goat then the girl aren't you? 

     Well the answer is surprisingly simple. During one of my attempts to ask her out (as I tried to get the two us alone multiple times) My bag got caught on an RC goat that my school owns for some reason. Oh, private schools! Anyway, by the time I got my bag unhooked she was already sitting with her friends and I missed my oppurtunity. Needless to say I was pretty pissed with the robot for a while but after being rejected I realized he was just trying to protect me. We're even facebook friends now!…

   Oh, and to my most recent crush. No, I will not post the poem I wrote about us. What poem? I didn't write another poem! DON'T LOOK IN MY BLACK NOTEBOOK! :iconhideplz:
Guardian-of-Legends Dec 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Well, I must say that's probably one of the more hilarious "asking out" stories that I've heard. Stupid goats, always thwarting you at every turn, but then again what else would you expect from a goat.
Hmm, a black book you say? Is this a love poem or a Death Note? :XD:
Well, it used to be a physics notebook
Guardian-of-Legends Dec 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Ah, well fair enough.
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